Seating arrangement

  • The seating arrangement is the logical arrangement of either objects or people in a logical manner. One has to either perform the arrangement to answer the questions or decode the predefined arrangement by applying the logical analysis.

Here we can classify these problems into 4 types:

1. Linear Arrangement
  • Here the arrangement of the persons is linear i.e. you have to arrange them in a line. Here generally a single row of arrangement is formed.
2. Double row arrangement
  • In these questions, there will be two groups of persons. You have to arrange one group in one row and the other group in other row. The persons in these rows normally face each other.
3. Circular arrangement
  • In the circular seating arrangement questions, you have to arrange the persons around a circular table etc. fulfilling certain conditions.
4. Rectangular arrangement
  • These arrangements are almost similar to the circular arrangements; the only difference is that the persons are sitting around a rectangular table.