Figure series


  • Figure series problems are generally asked in competitive exams to test reasoning ability of candidates. It needs ability of a candidate to take quick decisions, fast problem solving capability, good comparing ability and quickness in finding reason behind various problems. It tests ability of candidate to imagine quick and proper solution. The figure on question may contain various geometrical figures, numbers, symbols or other pictures. Problems on figure series may be of different types.


Q-1 Which figure can be placed in place of question mark?

Answer − Option (2)

Explanation − Figure (a) and (b) are related to each other by getting shade of upper right side quarter therefore in this way figure (2) will make pair with figure (c).

Q-2 Find the similar figure as that of the question figure.

Answer − Figure (3)

Explanation − In question figure all blocks consist of two figures touching each other and half of any of them is shaded. The sequence in the question figure also shows that in the odd number blocks, top figure is empty and bottom is shaded while in the even number blocks top figure is shaded while the bottom one is empty. Hence figure (3) is same as question figure.