Reasoning_Blood Relation


  • Any relation in the world which either by birth or by marriage is called a Blood Relation.
  • Ex: Any relation by birth will be mother, father, son, daughter, etc. and any relation by marriage will be father-in-law, mother-in-law, etc.
  • There also are a few things which need to be kept in mind while solving the blood relation questions. Given below are few such important points :
  • You cannot assume the gender of the person based on the name
  • If the statement says X is the son of Y, the gender of Y cannot be determined unless mentioned in the question
  • In puzzle based questions, a web of relations can be formed, so do not solve such questions in a haste
  • These questions are scoring and easy to solve, so do not panic if the question seems lengthy
  • In case of coding-decoding blood relation, use a pictorial description to solve the question. This will make the symbols and relation more clear.

Family Tree

The following points help in drawing a family tree.

  • All the female members of the family are represented by a circle. The name of the person is written inside the circle for convenience.
  • All the male members of the family are represented by a square. The name of the person is written inside the square for convenience.
  • The relation between two members of the family is shown by connecting a double-headed arrow.
  • The spouse relation is represented by the two ends of a double-headed arrow.
  • All the family members of the upper generation are represented above in the family tree. Ex: father, mother, uncle, aunt etc. The logic can be extended by representing the grandparents above the parents in the family tree. Ex: grandfather and grandmother.
  • All the family members of the same generation are represented in the middle of the family tree. Ex: brothers, Sisters, cousins, wife, husband, etc.
  • All the family members of the next generation are represented below in the family tree. Ex: Daughter, son, niece, nephew.
Here’s a schematic representation of a family tree: 
  • Akash and Arjun are brothers and Anne is the wife of Arjun.
  • Myra is the daughter of Arjun and Anne.
  • Veena is the mother of Akash and She has three brothers, Vishnu, Ravi and Guru.
  • Lakshmi Narayan is the father of Arjun and the son of Krishna Rao and Radha.
  • Narayan and Shakuntala are husband and wife and are the parents of Veena.

Type of Relationship

  • Mother’s or Father’s son : Myself/Brother
  • Mother’s or Father’s daughter : Myself/Sister
  • Mother’s or Father’s brother : Uncle
  • Mother’s or Father’s sister : Aunt
  • Mother’s or Father’s father : Grandfather
  • Mother’s or Father’s mother : Grandmother
  • Son’s wife : Daughter-in-law
  • Daughter’s husband : Son-in-law
  • Husband’s or wife’s sister : Sister-in-law
  • Husband’s or wife’s brother : Brother-in-law
  • Brother’s son : Nephew
  • Brother’s daughter : Niece
  • Uncle or aunt’s son or daughter : Cousin
  • Sister’s husband : Brother-in-law
  • Brother’s wife : Sister-in-law
  • Grandson’s or Granddaughter’s daughter : Great-granddaughter